Online Proctoring Assessment Tool

Owlya Assessment tool helps organizations to easily create and administer fraud-proof tests with varieties of questions to candidates

Easy to use Online Assessment

Owlya assessment can be user for any kind of assessment and survey. Pre-recruitment assessments are quick, valid and seamless.

Integrity Secured
Online Assessment with Fraud-proof and valid response.
Question Bank
Spine off new Assessments by reusing questions
AI Powered
Easy assessment creation with less human intervention

Fraud-Proof Responses

Owlya Assessment tool protects the integrity of your online assessment. User activities are tracked during assessment and analysed to provide insights.

Varieties of Question Types, Formats, and Styles

The styles and types of questions allowed on the tool gives our user total control over the questions and styles that fits their purpose.

Reports for Insights and Performance Monitor

Owlya Online Assessment tool provides a comprehensive reporting system. A summary reporting view, question report which gives a report on how the group as a whole performed on a particular question. Also the reporting and analytics also includes the score sheet which gives a collective performance of the group as a whole and finally the individual response,this is where the competencies of each candidate is seen and analysed.

Question Bank

Owlya Assessment tool provides the ability for users to create questions and stored them in a question bank. Creating assessment there on becomes easy as you just need to select the questions from the bank and the system will automatically create an assessment.

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