Interview anywhere, anytime

Owlya OnDemand Video Interview is a video screening tool that reduces the time spent on first round screening

Expedite Recruitment with Video Interviewing

Don't let cumbersome and lengthy interviews slow down your recruitment process.

80% faster
Make your first round of screening 80% faster with on-demand video interviews
Gauge soft skills
Gauge soft skills, body language, and culture fit early in the process
Reduce time
Reduce time and resources spent on interviewing by up to 70%

Time-sensitive interview requests

Set an expiration date for the video interview invite sent to your candidates. This will help to minimize time wasters,

Make Decisions Faster

No phone tagging, no interview scheduling. Have your candidates respond to your interview questions via a timed video recording.

Unlimited screening questions

On demand video interview provides flexibility to the interviewer in the sense that there is no limit on the number of questions he/she can add to the database. You can ask as many questions relevant to the job at hand in order to find the standard candidate

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