Owlya Automated Proctoring makes for the ultimate ‘hands-off’ / remote approach your assessments have been needing for a while now. As a proctor, you can use this feature to create tests you do not have to invigilate personally or compile reports for.

Being fully automated, our software will do anything from verifying the identity of a test taker to securing tests to avoid malpractice. All you need to do is set up the test and select the questions for assessment.

Furthermore, our non-invasive type of proctoring addresses the privacy concerns test takers have with other assessment tools. With Owlya, candidates don’t have to scan their environments before tests begin, or worry about being watched by someone else.

Fully Automated Proctoring…

  • AI tracking
  • Multiple face detection
  • Eyes off Screen
  • Object detection ( Mobile devices, Book)
  • Multiple voice detection
  • Face verification
  • Disable right clicks
  • Copy/paste tracking
  • Disable copy/paste
  • Mouse tracking
  • WIndow/tab Switch Tracking
  • Screen Sharing 
  • Disable Screenshots 
  • Disable Printing
  • Live Streaming
  • Low bandwidth support