Easy Assessment tool

Owlya is an Easy Assessment Tool that simplifies the process of conducting online tests with the help of artificial intelligence. It's so easy to use, that in just a few clicks, you can set up any type of test with it.

Identity Verification

Owlya's Identity Verification is fully automated and doesn't require the presence of a human proctor. It completely eliminates the need for scanning rooms before assessments, and verifies test takers' profiles using photographs and Live ID.

Owlya Automated Proctoring

Owlya Automated Proctoring makes for the ultimate 'hands-off' / remote approach your assessments have been needing for a while now. As a proctor, this feature lets you create tests you do not have to invigilate personally or compile reports for.

Owlya Data Security

Owlya Data Security secures test-taker personal data or any other sensitive intelligence being transmitted during tests from breaches,  unauthorized personnels, and third parties interference.

Owlya Live Proctoring

Owlya Live Proctoring watches candidates in real-time and takes note of every activity that occurs during an assessment. It creates space for a proctor to set up a test and leave, while we take over the invigilating process for them.

Klarity by Owlya

At the end of an assessment, Klarity By Owlya generates automated detailed reports about everything that happened during a test and lends you fact-based analysis on test taker performance.