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Human-Centric AI for Enhanced Online Assessments

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Conduct Virtual exams while preserving the quality and integrity of exams. Create assessments, Verify identity and prevent cheating with Owlya's 360 Proctoring.

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As an employer, stay one step ahead with Owlya's Proctoring Solutions. Streamline your online recruiting process and reduce the time to hire while maintaining the authenticity and credibility of pre-employment assessments.

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Protect your assessment credibility and maintain the integrity of your certification/licensure programs with Owlya. Owlya is easy to set up, safe and provides in-depth test reporting.

Easy Assessments with Owl Assist

Owl Assist is an AI question generator instructors can use to create advanced questions that better evaluate a test-takers' knowledge in a particular skill. Owl Assist can auto-grade subjective questions when given a Rubric.

Owl Assessment Tool

The Owl Assessment Tool employs AI to streamline the process of generating online tests, enabling instructors to craft various assessments effortlessly on Owlya. It encompasses Dynamic Assessment, Question Bank, and Real-time chat with instructors, it offers over 11 question types.

Ready for your own Owlya experience?

For the education sector, Owlya provides a safe testing platform educators can use to accurately evaluate students' perfomances. We have built in several features that exists specifically to make setting up assessments easy for institutions.

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The Owlya Experience for organizations is the promise of simple integrated platform where they can seamlessly set up tests to cater to their testing needs. Employers can use Owlya to assess job candidates during their recruitment process, as well as evaluate employees post-employment.

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“The platform itself is very flexible in terms of designing and setting up a range of assessments and question types. The platform has met all of our testing needs. Also, the process of purchasing tests, taking and marking tests, notifications when tests have been completed and the marking process are all straightforward and efficient. Owlya has worked closely with us to ensure our satisfaction in getting the information we need and making results available to clients.”

Dr Jim Chapman

Director, Assessment & Curriculum

PELMO International