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Owl Assist is an innovative AI tool engineered to enhance the efficiency of instructors and streamline their workflow. It features a sophisticated Question Generator, which empowers educators to develop comprehensive questions aimed at precisely evaluating the knowledge of test-takers. 

Additionally, it includes a Rubric Generator that automatically creates detailed rubrics based on provided questions, further simplifying the assessment process. The tool is rounded off with an Auto Grader, a cutting-edge feature capable of accurately grading subjective questions by utilizing the generated rubrics.

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How Owl Assist Works

Opt for the Informed Or Uninformed Owl Assist.

Choose from preexisting content or add new material to generate your question.

Select the question type, set the difficulty level, choose the number of questions and add a topic.

The topic name should match preexisting test questions or you can add a new topic to the system.

Our AI processes your input.

The test question is generated with the correct answers ticked.

Choose the questions you want for your assessment and import them into the Owlya Question Bank.

AI Question Generator

The AI-powered Question Generator crafts questions for your assessment based on provided parameters such as topic, difficulty level, and question type.

Owlya's Question Generator offers a prompt for generating tailored questions, which can be customized to suit your assessment needs.

Auto Grader

The Auto Grader is an AI that grades assessment submissions, employing a Rubric Grader. With the Rubric Grader, instructors can design a grading framework that enables the system to accurately identify correct answers for assessment questions.

The Auto Grader excels when grading subjective and coding questions on Owlya.

Rubric Generator

The Rubric Generator assists in creating rubrics instructors can use to grade test questions on Owlya. The platform supports the use of rubrics, simplifying the grading process for instructors when assessing subjective questions.

On Owlya, instructors can create a rubric manually or using the Rubric Generator and attach it to an assessment.

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