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Setting up tests becomes effortless with the Owlya Assessment Tool, allowing instructors to create various types of questions with just a few clicks. 

This feature facilitates the creation of faster and more secure assessments, whether instructors opt for Dynamic or Static Assessment test setups.

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How Owl Assessment Tool Works

Add a name to your assessment for easy identification.

Instructors can choose between Static or Dynamic assessment.

Assessments are split into sections, where you can add questions and edit the section.

Instructors can create new questions or import them from the Question Bank.

Configure assessment settings to suit your preference; enable live chat, set timer, shuffle questions, add pass mark, etc.

Dynamic Assessment

Dynamic Assessment is displayed in sections. This feature allows instructors to seamlessly import preexisting questions from the Question Bank. Instructors will configure section dynamic question options - tags, number of questions, and keep sequence (add multiple questions to a section with different tags). Adding tags to questions in Dynamic Assessment ensures the system imports only the desired questions.

Question Bank

A comprehensive repository of questions across various disciplines, facilitating instructors in creating tests effortlessly.

11+ Question Types

Instructors can utilize a diverse range of questions on Owlya to accurately evaluate various aspects of test-takers knowledge and skills.

Real-time Chat

Instructors and test-takers get a direct communication channel that allows clarification on assessments or support.

No Third-Party Extension

Simplifies the test-taking process for students, enabling a convenient assessment experience.

Configurable Settings

Permits high-level customisation that meets any specific assessment needs instructors might have.

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