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Owl Klarity

Owl Klarity provides instructors with an automated report that comprehensively outlines all activities during an assessment. This Owlya tool proves invaluable when utilizing Owl Automated AI Proctoring.

Do you seek clarification regarding the responses of individual test-takers, including their approach to easy or difficult questions, time allocation per question/section, and navigation between questions? Klarity can offer the clarity you need.

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How Owl Klarity Works

Fact-based analysis of the test-taker’s performance.

Performance insights to identify areas test-takers need improvement.

Make better grading decisions.

Behaior Analysis

Provides in-depth insights on test-taker behaviour, how they perceived test questions, and highlights areas they need improvement.

Advanced Reporting

Observe how test-takers interact with each question, offering instructors priceless notes on how to refine teaching strategies.

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