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Owl Assessment Tool

The Owl Assessment Tool employs AI to streamline the process of generating online tests, enabling instructors to craft various assessments effortlessly on Owlya. It encompasses Dynamic Assessment, Question Bank, and Real-time chat with instructors, it offers over 11 question types.

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Owl Assist

Owl Assist is an innovative AI tool engineered to enhance the efficiency of instructors and streamline their workflow. It features a sophisticated Question Generator, which empowers instructors to develop comprehensive questions aimed at precisely evaluating the knowledge of test-takers. Additionally, it includes a Rubric Generator that automatically creates detailed rubrics based on provided questions, further simplifying the assessment process. The tool is rounded off with an Auto Grader, a cutting-edge feature capable of accurately grading subjective questions by utilizing the generated rubrics.

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Owl Schedule

Owl Schedule empowers instructors to efficiently organize assessments by allowing them to batch schedule tests for future dates. This feature eradicates scheduling chaos, significantly saves time for instructors, and reduces the potential for errors, ensuring a smoother assessment process.

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Owl Proctoring

Owlya Proctoring is a cutting-edge AI-Powered proctoring solution that caters to the assessment needs of instructors and organizations. On Owlya, instructors can take a hands on proctoring approach to assessments, with the Owl Live Proctoring or leave the work to our reliable AI, by using the Owl Automated AI Proctoring.

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Owl Klarity

Owl Klarity is a sophisticated reporting tool that meticulously tracks all actions of a test-taker throughout an assessment, providing precise insights on the duration they spend on each question or section.

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