Assessment Taken

Your privacy is priority

We do not need a record of your


No third parties

Your data is completely secure and we don’t sell to anyone

No one is watching

Just you and your computer. A video record is made available to the test creator

01. Invite / Login

A user is invited by an admin to take in a test. The test taker needs to login with the correct email and password.

02. Identification

Navigate to the dashboard and click on any of the available test link. You will be verified before you can gain access to the test

03. Take Assessment

After a successful identification, the test taker is given access to the test.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to schedule a test?

Owlya is completely automated and does not require you scheduling a test.

Can I send a message to the test creator during a test?

Yes. You can use the chat feature not he test page to communicate with the test taker.

Who has access to my test recordings?

Only the test creator /admin can access your recordings

How soon is my test sent to the admin?

An admin receives the test response immediately they are submitted.

Do I need to show someone my environment before taking a test?

No. You are all alone during the test with no one watching.